RapidImpakt Kettlebell Training. Jim Leonhard testimonial Lionel Martin is RKC Certified.
Lionel Martin is a RKC certified Kettlebell instructor.

History of Kettlebell Training.

Lionel Martin with the Czar of the Kettlebell, Pavel Tstsouline.

Kettlebell training in Madison Wisconsin.

Lionel Martin is a RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Lionel Martin is RKC certified. RKC is the highest level of Kettlebell Certification training in the world. It is the "black belt" or "Gold standard" of Kettlebell Certification. RKC is a certification that requires extensive training to complete.

RKC is the only certification that insists on stringent testing of physical strength and teaching ability. RKC presents another level of drive , passion, physical abilities, commitment and skill to Kettlebell training.

So grueling only 70 % of highly trained subjects graduate with the certificate.

RKC emphasizes technique over routines, exercises, and workloads.

It's the shift from isolated, low intensity, cosmetic exercises into a total body, functional, high intensity movements.

RKC instructors have been trained not only to teach the movement but also be able to perform physically at a very high levels.

Kettlebell training in Madison Wisconsin.

Benefit of Kettlebell Training.

  • 60% greater fat loss than dumbbells.
  • The best tool for fast accelerations and decelerations found in team and field sports.
  • Strengthen glutes, hamstrings, and lower back with one tool.
  • Strength, power and endurance all in one tool.
  • Increased range of motion vs. Barbells and machines.
  • More grip strength and comfort than dumbbells.

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