RapidImpakt Kettlebell Training. Jim Leonhard testimonial Lionel Martin is RKC Certified.
Lionel Martin is a RKC certified Kettlebell instructor.

Travis Beckum (#47) New York Giants concentrates on preparation for a jerk.

Travis Beckum (#47) New York Giants concentrates on preparation for a jerk.

Kettlebell training in Madison Wisconsin.

Practical Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell Training in Madison Wisconsin. The Kettlebell allows you to lose weight and gain muscle or strength with one portable device. What's more, the Kettlebell allows you to create a weightloss workout in 25 minutes 4 times per week (no excuses not to work out).

You can even build a hugely effective workout in as little as 15 minutes.

Other practical benefits include:

Versatility - You can do slow strength movements, explosive lifts or endurance lifts all with one simple device.

With two or three Kbells you replace an entire home gym.

Convenience- Can be thrown in your closet or car trunk, and can be swung in your living room or nearest park.

Durability - It's a cannonball with a handle for crying out loud ... what are you going to do to it?

The Swing- Here are all the muscles utilized with one exercise ... the swing!
  • The glutes (your butt)
  • Hamstrings (the back of your legs below your butt)
  • Inner thighs
  • Lats (the big wing like muscles on your back)
  • Rhomboids and Traps (Lower mid and upper back muscles)
  • Calves
  • Quads (your front leg muscles)
  • Abs- they work the abs with just holding the bell
  • Grip- I am a martial artist ... that is important!
How long would it take you to train those muscle groups independently with a dumbell?

Kettlebell training in Madison Wisconsin.

Benefit of Kettlebell Training.

  • 60% greater fat loss than dumbbells.
  • The best tool for fast accelerations and decelerations found in team and field sports.
  • Strengthen glutes, hamstrings, and lower back with one tool.
  • Strength, power and endurance all in one tool.
  • Increased range of motion vs. Barbells and machines.
  • More grip strength and comfort than dumbbells.

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