RapidImpakt Kettlebell Training. Jim Leonhard testimonial Lionel Martin is RKC Certified.
Lionel Martin is a RKC certified Kettlebell instructor.

Lionel Martin doing a 55 lb. balance ball squat.

Lionel Martin doing a 55 lb. balance ball squat.

Kettlebell training in Madison Wisconsin.

Why the Kettlebell is Different and Superior to Barbells and Dumbbells

Kettlebell Training in Madison Wisconsin. Unlike many strength training tools a Kettlebell (Kbell) requires the Giryavik (Kettlebell user) to counterbalance the weight of the bell while controlling it's movement and flight path through numerous range of motions.

Not only that but the Kbells offset center of gravity makes the bell act almost like third joint depending on how you swing, pull, push or even throw it!

The Kettlebell can be swung between the legs with great ease without dinging your knee or (ahem) other body parts. (like Pavel Tsatsoulins dad said "you can eat any mushroom at least once").

That is not so easy with a dumbbell and virtually impossible with a barbell.

The Kbell rests more easily on the chest than a comparable weight dumbbell.

The dumbbell is traditionally used in single body part application(rep) where the Kettlebell uses a functionally friendly swing to generate it's movement. So each rep is essentially a plyometric lift.

The Kbell has a wider handle thus increasing grip strength. A great bonus from everyone from martial artists to tennis players ... and even firemen.

The barbell usually requires bilateral movement, that is two say both arms or legs moving the weight at the same time. With the Kettlebell the movement patterns can be conducted with single or double hand movements.

An example could be the one handed swing or the two handed swing.

The Kbell gives infinite freedom of movement and many movements can be complexed ... or rather more than 2 movements combined into one movent.

The constant extension and contraction movements are explosive and are extremely beneficial for sports like tennis and soccer that require many start and stop movements.

The handle allows one to go from one exercise to another without missing a beat, you may change a pathway or rotation until you decide to stop it ... you can create your own complex movements. They can even be juggled!

Kettlebell training in Madison Wisconsin.

Benefit of Kettlebell Training.

  • 60% greater fat loss than dumbbells.
  • The best tool for fast accelerations and decelerations found in team and field sports.
  • Strengthen glutes, hamstrings, and lower back with one tool.
  • Strength, power and endurance all in one tool.
  • Increased range of motion vs. Barbells and machines.
  • More grip strength and comfort than dumbbells.

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