RapidImpakt Kettlebell Training. Jim Leonhard testimonial Lionel Martin is RKC Certified.
Lionel Martin is a RKC certified Kettlebell instructor.

Lionel Martin pressing 55 lbs.at Monona Bay in Madison Wisconsin.

Lionel Martin pressing 55 lbs. at Monona Bay in Madison Wisconsin.

Kettlebell training in Madison Wisconsin.

Lionel Martin is an Athlete Who Understands Athletes and the Human Body

Kettlebell Training in Madison Wisconsin. Lionel Martin has been a working therapist in Madison since 1998 and is a RKC certified Kettlebell instructor.

Lionel has been a competitive athlete in multiple sports since his teens. He knows intimately how the human body functions during movement and what it needs to perform at any level of training or therapy. He has studied Exercise Physiology at the University of Massachusetts, and has since taught Kinesiology (the study of human movement) and Sports massage at Massage and Bodywork schools (getting students ready for state and nationals certifications). He utilizes techniques learned from the studies of Kinesiology, Massage,Strength Training and adjunct techniques from the fields of Physical Therapy and Chiropractic to aid in the performance enhancement, and recovery of function of his clients.

He is a Russian Kettlebell Certified instructor, C.H.E.K Sports Coach, has studied Anatomy Trains with Thomas Meyers, Cold Laser Therapy with Lance Armstrong's team Chiropractor and is certified in the state of Wisconsin for Enzyme Nutritional Therapy. He has studied Gray Cooks Functional Movement Screen which is used by the NFL, NHL, NBA and pro golf to find movement weakness that may result in injury, poor technique, and loss of performance.

He has worked extensively with athletes at all ranges of sports from World Champions at the professional level to former non-athletes looking to start a program safely, while maximizing gains in tune with their goals and objectives.

Kettlebell training in Madison Wisconsin.

Benefit of Kettlebell Training.

  • 60% greater fat loss than dumbbells.
  • The best tool for fast accelerations and decelerations found in team and field sports.
  • Strengthen glutes, hamstrings, and lower back with one tool.
  • Strength, power and endurance all in one tool.
  • Increased range of motion vs. Barbells and machines.
  • More grip strength and comfort than dumbbells.

Lionel Martin
Madison, Wisconsin
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